Number One Drama in the U.S.!

Memoria has now officially been in the My Rode Reel competition for 7 days and is currently ranked first for drama’s in the U.S. The competition opened for submissions on April 1st, 2018 and some films have been accruing votes ever since. This international short film competition is the largest in the world with over 1200 projects on display. The prizes for this competition are plentiful, and with My Rode Reel being hosted by the leader in audio equipment, Rode Microphones, it’s no surprise that if you manage to win a category you can expect amazing upgrades to your sound department.

Submitting for this competition is free, you just have to meet some specific requirements. For example your film cannot be longer than 3 minutes and you have to display a sponsor card for the first 2 seconds of your film. There are 29 different categories ranging from the normal genre based categories to music videos, best female film maker, best virtual reality, people’s choice, and much more. A panel of four judges choose the winners of 28 categories with the People’s Choice award going to the film with the most votes.

This year’s panel consists of a great range of industry professionals. Grace Randolph is a super popular YouTube film critic who currently has over 750,000 subscribers and has accrued almost 600 million views on her channel Beyond the TrailerJulia Swain is a Los Angeles based cinematographer known for her emotion-driven imagery that consistently seeks to portray the human experience. Kristy Whalley is one of the industry’s most in demand music and score mixer/editors, Kirsty has over 25 years’ working in both TV and film production. Her resume boasts more than 125 credits and many of the biggest films of the last quarter century, including Justice League, 2018 Best Picture Winner The Shape of Water and The Martian. And the final judge, Clara Chong is born in Tokyo, raised in Sydney and trained in New York. Clara is a multi-award-winning Director, Writer and Editor with over 25 years of international experience including projects for National Geographic Channel, Paramount Pictures and The History Channel.

The My Rode Reel competition boasts a total prize pool of gear amounting to 1 million dollars! Some of their most notable sponsors are Black Magic Design, Zhiyun, Free Fly, and Rhino. If a participant were lucky enough to win the Judges Film award or the People’s Choice award they would have all the gear a film maker could want or need minus some lenses to go with you Black Magic Ursa Mini 4k camera.

Though Memoria tops the charts in the drama category within the U.S. this is an international competition and is currently ranked 15th in the world. All of us at Wet Foot Films have been pushing hard through social media to gather as many votes as possible and hope to close in on the number one spot before voting ends on September 4th. If you haven’t already casted your vote, check out our film here and if you enjoyed it, please click vote. Also you can help us out further by sharing the link to Memoria’s page on your social media pages. Check back here for updates on our standing in The My Rode Reel competition.




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