“Rocket Ship” Music Video

Two spies are set to meet and exchange information but first they must learn to trust each other. This is especially hard for two people who are professionals at deception so it is through the art of dance that they gain their understandings of each other.

Rocket ship is set in the 1920’s at a popular bar for assassins and spies. With a vintage film feel and seductive tango dancing Aleq Bey and Candace West bring to life the music of local Atlanta artist Tyrone “O.G. Dos Equis” Bowie in a sexy, back and forth battle to determine who will have the upper hand.

Rocket Ship is set for a Mid October release.

Number One Drama in the U.S.!

Memoria has now officially been in the My Rode Reel competition for 7 days and is currently ranked first for drama’s in the U.S. The competition opened for submissions on April 1st, 2018 and some films have been accruing votes ever since. This international short film competition is the largest in the world with over 1200 projects on display. The prizes for this competition are plentiful, and with My Rode Reel being hosted by the leader in audio equipment, Rode Microphones, it’s no surprise that if you manage to win a category you can expect amazing upgrades to your sound department. Continue reading “Number One Drama in the U.S.!”

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Our short film “Memoria” has been entered into the international competition My Rode Reel hosted by Rode Microphones. This competition showcases short films, VLOGs, and Commercials under three minutes, and adds a necessary focus to audio when creating content. Since being approved for the competition, Memoria has been climbing it’s way up the ladder with the help of all the fans votes. We are currently ranked 31st overall in the U.S. and 70th in Drama worldwide! Considering Memoria has not been online for more than 24 hours we are extremely excited and look to keep pushing the film and earning votes. If you haven’t casted your vote, click here to do so!


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Here are some #BehindTheScenes photos from our voice over recording session for our latest film Memoria. The very talented Edward W. Howard lent us his voice and exceptional acting skills to bring the character Charles to life.




Our latest short film, Memoria wrapped son set production on June 24th. This film follows Jason, man who cares for his father who is struggling with dementia and how this disease impacts his life in all areas.

Memoria is slated to be released in mid July and will be submitted to the My Rode Reel international film competition. Keep an eye out for it, and be sure to pay the competitions site a visit and vote for Memoria as the people’s choice.